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A Brief Introduction acronym “BC” sets out to help organise the new blockchain and token economy through a unified ecosystem of media, technologies and use cases that will impact 7,5 billion consumers for several years to come.

Today, consumers who need to understand what blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are and how they will impact their lives and communities, can start through our discovery media and social platform, our 1st initiative in a longer-term road map of several problem-solving applications, solutions and exciting use case projects.

BC has been privately seeded with €3.3m at a valuation of €17 million. Our start-up BlockchainCompany will gradually evolve and power up project initiatives and application releases, towards a robust unified ecosystem for the consumer blockchain.

Our seed capital helps with alpha beta development of unique projects. Each of our projects or utility application is carefully assessed for decentralized token sales, or released asa non-ICO tokenized, or non-tokenized infrastructure project.

Unique In The Industry

The 4IR token is BlockchainValley’s unique cryptographic token.4IR will be used to pay for all things within BlockchainValley, can be awarded to participants who make valuable contributions to the ecosystem and is used to keep our blockchain safe.

4IR enables stakeholder capitalism, which means that everyone involved receives a share of the value created instead of a select group of stockholders.

Through the 4IR token, we want to create an inclusive and global digital micro-economy.

4IR Token

Following regulation

In a complex digital asset industry, from a legal point of view, Blockchain Valley has chosen France, a G7 country, in pursuit of regulation for subscribers' security.

France's financial market authority (AMF), the equivalent of the US SEC, created a framework to control and supervise public token offerings. Companies whose digital assets have been recognised as utility tokens and comply with all of the legal requirements will be given a "visa" for six months.

BlockchainValley will apply for this visa and submit all required documents to the AMF for their review in the coming months.

BlockchainValley's KYC/AML compliant onboarding platform for the token sale has been developed together with Kroll who helped us define the procedure and will assist us in the process.

To keep up to date with the latest information on 4IR, sign up to and get involved.


Company structure

Our “Holding Company” BlockchainCompany Ltd, is registered in the United Kingdom and visualises its long-term growth development through a variety of vertical business to consumer sectors going forward, such as law & legal, governance, environment, media, healthcare, finance and technology.

Blockchain Valley SAS is registered in France and will apply for the Autorité des Marchés Financiers' (AMF) visa to carry out the Blockchain Valley's 4IR token's public sale.

Blockchain Valley PTY Ltd, is registered as a “for profit” legal entity in the jurisdiction of South Africa.

This project termed “Blockchain Valley” will be digitally operated as a utility platform for global consumption within the European Union by Blockchain Valley SAS and geographically administered by Blockchain Valley PTY based in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

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We will keep you updated about the status of our AMF visa application, BlockchainValley's advancements, developments and more.



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