4IR Token Sale - 6th February,
2023 to 23rd July, 2023

4IR Token Sale - 6th February,
2023 to 23rd July, 2023

A Tokenized Ecosystem for Innovation

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BlockchainValley - 4IR Utility Token Offering Has Been Approved by the AMF, French Financial Markets Authority:

The AMF approval has been granted in accordance with the provisions of Article 712-1 of the AMF General Regulation after verification by the AMF that the information document publish on BlockchainValley website is complete and comprehensible. The approval does not imply that the AMF has approved the appropriateness of the issuer's project or authenticated the financial, accounting and technical information presented. Moreover, the AMF has not carried out any verification of the smart contracts linked to the offering and has not verified whether these smart contracts are adequate in relation to the content of the information document.

BlockchainValley (BV) is building a Fourth Industrial Revolution (4th IR) Ecosystem, which will consist of a tokenized e-commerce platform focused on 4th IR technologies goods and services combined with a Universal R&D location in Africa (Stellenbosch, SA) for testing and deploying these emerging technologies.

BV Ecosystem will also include a unique e-Citizenship program and have its own native utility token called 4IR and a sophisticated rewards mechanisms. It will also feature many other interoperable utilities such as a 4IR Jobs platform, 4IR cloud storage utility and 4IR Wallet among others.

You can view our Initial Coin Offering (ICO) approval number ICO.23-028 dated 24/01/2023, on the AMF Financial Markets Authority website here: Official website here.

There are so many powerful and exciting new technologies that it’s hard to keep up. In fact, there are so many emerging technologies that we find ourselves in a societal disruption; the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In this industrial revolution of our time, everything is becoming interconnected.

The digital world (IoT, AI, Blockchain, Big Data) is fusing with the physical (5G, drones, robotics, autonomous vehicles, 3D printing) and most importantly the biological (genetic engineering, CRISPR, nano and biotechnology).

Most of these technologies are evolving and converging at an exponential rate. They can bring humanity to the next stage of civilization, but also pose many challenges for societies.

The New Revolution

The BlockchainValley ecosystem aims to maximise the positive impacts of emerging technologies on society and individuals by converging all these technologies over our eCommerce platform.

We want to help solve some of the most relevant challenges of this new paradigm by giving individuals a chance to become part of tech (digital inclusion); empowering people through digital citizenships (eCitizenship) and governance (consensus) and providing earning opportunities via token rewards, participation, data ownership and new opportunities (4IR token).

There are also big advantages for organizations that work with emerging technologies (eCompanies) on BlockchainValley. They can interact with and sell to ecitizens, share R&D with the network, collaborate with other companies and get a physical presence in our technology hub to be developed in South Africa, if our ICO is successful.

Building an Inclusive ESG Ecosystem

Unique In The Industry

The 4IR token is BlockchainValley’s unique cryptographic token.

4IR will be used to pay for all things within BlockchainValley, can be awarded to participants who make valuable contributions to the ecosystem and is used to keep our blockchain safe.

4IR enables stakeholder capitalism, which means that everyone involved receives a share of the value created instead of a select group of stockholders.

Through the 4IR token, we want to create an inclusive and global digital micro-economy.

4IR Token

Following regulation

In a complex digital asset industry, from a legal point of view, BlockchainValley has chosen France, a G7 country, in pursuit of regulation for subscribers' security.

France's financial market authority (AMF), created a framework to control and supervise public token offerings. Companies whose digital assets have been recognised as utility tokens and comply with all of the legal requirements will be given an " optional visa " for six months, with limits of control over such offerings.

BlockchainValley applied for this visa and submitted all required documents to the AMF for their review and approval with help from our lawyers in France. Our 4IR Tokens public sale/ICO was subsequently approved on 24/01/2023, under the number ICO.23-028, which is accessible on the AMF website.

As mentioned, The AMF approval has been granted in accordance with the provisions of Article 712-1 of the AMF General Regulation after verification by the AMF that the information document publish on BlockchainValley website is complete and comprehensible. The approval does not imply that the AMF has approved the appropriateness of the issuer's project or authenticated the financial, accounting and technical information presented.

BlockchainValley's KYC/AML compliant onboarding platform for the token sale has been developed together with Kroll (formerly Duff & Phelps), who helped us define the KYC & AML procedure and assisted us in the process.


Why Join BlockchainValley?


Become a member of growing global community who are all stakeholders of the world of tomorrow


Get early and easy access to the Fourth Industrial Revolution:- Products & Services- Education -

Job Opportunities


Our unique 4IR token is used to reward you for your positive contributions to BlockchainValley, which you can then use throughout our ecosystem

At the heart of BlockchainValley is the eCommerce platform, still under technological development and only available in a sandbox beta version during the Offer. It will be fully operational to the public at the end of the 4IR Utility Token Offering. This will enable users, eCitizens and eCompanies to transact and interact with each other, subscribe to services, buy products, participate in the development of 4IR technologies and keep up with the latest trends.

The platform will first be available in a sandbox beta version. We invite you to create an account and browse around to start experimenting the platform. The operational version of the platform and the 4IR tokens compatibility will only be made available at the end of our token sale. Check it out!

The Platform

Only " Authorized " persons can participate in BlockchainValley's 4IR Token Sale. However, our goal is to become the central hub for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, for both individuals and organizations around the world.

A Thriving Ecosystem

4IR Token

4IR is BlockchainValley's unique token. This means that all stakeholders have a common goal; to maximize the number of ways for which the token can be used and hence the value of the 4IR token.

Money is a social construct that is being redefined by crypto assets.

By financially aligning all BV stakeholders, we can turn the 4IR token and BlockchainValley into a valuable micro-economy


Aligning every BlockchainValley stakeholder

By requiring all ecosystem transactions to be conducted in the native 4IR, token, value generated within BlockchainValley can be kept in its economy.

Every time someone decided to pay with 4IR, store it in their wallet or accepts it as a payment, the BV micro-economy becomes a little more valuable.

Capturing ecosystem-unique value

BlockchainValley’s tokenized business model and token-based rewards mechanisms lead to natural incentives to promote the platform to others.

Moreover, each new user adds value to the network as a whole, kickstarting network effects from the launch of the ecosystem.

Create network and word-of-mouth effects

Ultimately, BlockchainValley’s goal is to become an independent, inclusive economic system geared towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The token economic model as well as the usage of a proposed blockchain-based payment system, allows for the creation of a global micro-economy.

Establish an inclusive micro-economy

The following MVPs are all in a Sandbox as interoperable utilities that will work with 4IR tokens. These applications are not yet officially available and will only launch after extensive technological development at a certain period after the 4IR token sale is completed.

Therefore, it is only after completion of our 4IR token offering sale, and 4IR token distribution, that these platforms will start to be introduced gradually over time, subsequent to essential and extensive technological development.

Interoperable applications

Tokenized social eCommerce utility for 4th Industrial Revolution Tech

4IR Wallet

Our wallet that will work for our utility tokens, may they be structured as ERC20 token or on the 4IR blockchain protocol

4IR Explorer

The explorer for our 4IR blockchain protocol

4IR Job

Job posting utility

4IR Cloud

Cloud-based storage utility


Autonomous and permissioned KYC utility


Dynamic data intelligence and data gathering form utility for all kinds of business to consumer purposes

BlockchainValley submitted its application for the AMF visa in 2019, to France's financial market authority, which has now been approved under number ICO.23-028.

The " Information Document " (White Paper) is hereby available for Public Review and can be downloaded here: White Paper

All sales conditions and prices are disclosed in the Information Document (White Paper), which you are required to read and digest before investing

The utility token nature of our 4IR token has now been confirmed and we have received regulatory AMF approval. Based on AMF regulatory approval herein, our 4IR public sale offering, qualifies as a " utility " token and not a security.

Information Document (White Paper)



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Blockchain is a groundbreaking technology that enables digital trust, transparency, digital business models, optional privacy and inclusivity. It is an incredible tool for the empowerment of the individual and to create a native internet economy.

BlockchainValley aims to deliver to innovations of blockchain technology such as smart contract solutions, decentralized applications and models for tokenization to all users of the ecosystem and ultimately, to the global 4th IR. 4th IR technologies such as the IoT, AI, big data, VR & AR and robotics require novel systems for data management, transactions and interoperability.

To meet these unique demands, a customized blockchain protocol is required; the 4IR blockchain. Initially, we will utilize open source blockchains such as Ethereum & Solana for 4IR transactions, while we work extensively with academic partners and software engineers, to help us fully customise and secure our 4IR blockchain undergoing technological development.

BlockchainValley will aim to structure its own 4IR Index of regulatory approved utility tokens.

BlockchainValley's Backbone

Blockchain Technology

BlockchainValley's Smart Community Village

Stellenbosch, South Africa

BlockchainValley's Smart Community VillageBlockchainValley has designated Stellenbosch in South Africa as the most suitable location for disruptive 4th IR technological and product development, research and experimentation. The smart community ecosystem will be a major asset going forward for several reasons. Note* This smart village infrastructural development, will only be launched subject to enough funds raised in our 4IR Token Offering.

- South Africa is one of the most pioneering countries in the World

- Diverse human capital and first World Infrastructure

- Strategic location for companies to enter the African Continent

- Set of first-class Universities in the Western Cape region of South Africa

- Cost-efficiency with regards to real estate and nominal labour value

- Africa's expected population growth 100% by 2050 to 2 billion consumers

Stellenbosch will be a blueprint for future smart villages around the world that will want to

join the BlockchainValley ecosystem and help shape the future more sustainably.

Core Team

Francisco Gimeno

Chief Brand Generalist

Growth Marketing

Samuel Santos

Adis Begic

Blockchain Security Engineer

Robert Haastrup-Timmi

Chief Visionary Officer

Robert Haastrup-Timmi

Chief Visionary Officer

Head of Operations

South Africa

Bernadine Louis

Company Secretary & VP HR

Barbara Hayles

Advisory Board

Néstor Oller

Non-Executive Director & Family Office Investor

Jorge Alçada

CTO Advisor

Licinio Craveiro

Health Tech Advisor Neurologist

Jacques Ludik


CEO Cortex Group

Philippe Engels


Sustainability Research

Iara Izidoro

Chartered Accountant (UK)

Yinka Brownlow

Road Map

BlockchainValley’s is a project that started over two years ago, that went from concept, to development and due diligence.

Our aim: a more egalitarian business model for the next paradigm

How: by decentralizing the value creation of the next technological evolution through a tokenized platform

Before you make an investment after signing up through our launchpad herein, kindly ensure that you carefully read all risk factors in the downloadable KEY INFORMATION DOCUMENT (a document describing information such as the Blockchain Valley project, the characteristics of the 4IR Tokens, the risk factors, economic risks, technological risks and risks related to BlockchainValley project, the characteristics of the ICO and the technical procedures of the 4IR tokens issuance including KYC), presented within our Token Launchpad accessible through this website.

Kindly refer to 4.1 to 4.3, pages 74 to 79, as stipulated on the index of the Key Information Document.

Risk Factors to Consider


Token Subscription Discounts

During the first 14 weeks of our token offering and public sale, there is a digressive discount of up to 40%, subject to when you invest.

Kindly ensure you refer to 5.1 to 6.1, pages 81 to 88 of the KEY INFORMATION DOCUMENT as stipulated on the index.

Also, kindly refer to pages 81 to 88, to understand how 4IR tokens will be delivered to all investors after the 4IR token sale.

Kindly read these sections of the Key Information Document carefully for your clear understanding.

Our Partners


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